30 November, 2006

Once Again, Into the Breach

Update: ARR here [Oops! Link fixed.]

I have another interview tomorrow! This is a big one. Of all the jobs I've seen open since I moved here, this is the one that I think is best-suited for me (and I for it); it's the one I want, the career field I want to break into.

I'll be interviewing for a receptionist or administrative position at the local office of a national military charity/NGO that is widely respected. It's part-time, but with very good pay. The hours are flexible, so I could supplement it with tutoring, work as an organist, etc., while continuing to volunteer (and network) at the USO and SYMCA.

The best part is that it would be entry-level, something that would allow me to demonstrate my knowledge about the field while I fill in areas of weakness. And ultimately, I would be positioned to move up to a full-time or more advanced job if there are openings either in that office or the wider community of non-profits.

So, this is big. I'm going to be "gaming" the interview in my mind this evening and spending time brushing up on areas of local knowledge that I'm weak on. I'll also have with me a letter from an officer at the base where I'm interviewing. It will testify to my understanding of the issues and day-to-day challenges of military life, as well as my ability to quickly learn more. Hopefully the letter will help me avoid the You're Just an Ignorant Civilian syndrome.

Again, I ask for your prayers, good thoughts, and best wishes!