04 November, 2006

Team Navy Auction

Updates Below

Neptunus Lex has come through for Team Navy with some great items to auction:

2 flight suits worn in combat
1 flight helmet
1 USS Ronald Reagan ballcap
1 USS George HW Bush ballcap
1 Signed and printed copy of Rhythms with two brand new chapters

Details of the items can be found at Lex's place. Bids for items can be placed at the Valour-IT auction page. All proceeds go to Valour-IT, of course (with credit to Team Navy).

Thanks, Lex!!

Update: As long as we're talking auction, don't miss the signed copies of Marines in the Garden of Eden and Gulf War Chronicles. This auction is being hosted at eBay, not the Valour-IT auction site, and proceeds will not be applied to any particular team's totals. Details at Op-For.

Update II: The Navy auction page is really taking off now, with the addition of posters, coins, and commemorative wine glasses. Check it out!