20 November, 2006

Valour-IT Media Update

Some exciting things have been on the Valour-IT media front recently.

Last week we were contacted by a producer for one of the "Big Three" broadcast news networks. It was just a request for background on the story in prep for a pitch to the decision-makers, so we'll see if anything develops... Keep your fingers crossed.

And Valour-IT was featured as #1 among "People, Trends and Tech on Our Radar" for the last week at PBS blog MediaShift. Written by veteran journalist Mark Glaser, it's devoted to tracking "how new media--from weblogs to podcasts to citizen journalism--are changing society and culture." There is also strong potential for a follow-up article/column on Valour-IT.

Besides the fact that MediaShift obviously knows a good thing when they see it (haha), it's quite a fascinating blog and well worth a visit. Check it out!