15 December, 2006

All They Want for Christmas...

Where do most people want to be during the holidays? Where do they want to be when they're sick, hurt, or in pain? Home, of course. Put both of those scenarios together and imagine what it's like for the wounded warriors during the holidays.

Fortunately, somebody is doing something about it:

Retired Marine Capt. Jim Casti thinks it makes simple sense for those who traveled across the globe and were injured fighting for their country to be able to travel home for Christmas.

But holiday travel money isn’t a military perk, and many of the 57 military personnel from Cherry Point and Camp Lejeune at the Wounded Warriors Barracks aboard Camp Lejeune base can’t afford the trip.

A member of the Military Order of the Purple Heart himself, Casti, a Vietnam War veteran from Newport, is heading the national group’s North Carolina effort to raise money to make sure that those injured in the service of their country get home for the holidays.

If you would like to help Capt. Casti get these Wounded Warriors home for the holidays, you can make a check out ASAP to Wounded Warriors Leave Fund at the following address:

Wounded Warriors Leave Fund
PO Box 636
Newport, NC 28570
H/T Flightpundit