23 December, 2006

The Christmas Meme

I saw this one making the rouds. Yup, I got tagged. It could be worse.

List 3 things that you would love to get for Christmas and three 3 things you definitely do not want to get for Christmas. Then list and tag 5 friends, leaving a comment on their blogs that says “You’ve been Christmas tagged!”

I don't have very good answers for this meme, but blame it on Princess Crabby. When she says to do something, we do it.

Three Things I Want for Christmas

1) A job. Yup, as a gift. 'Cause working my butt off for it doesn't seem to be effective. Well, either that or a Sugar Daddy. I mean, a girl's gotta eat (Juuuuust kidding, Mom!).

2) Windsor Pilates DVD. It's too cold for cycling (Yeah, 60 is too cold. I'm a wimp).

3) Unlimited free airline miles so that I can go visit all the wonderful people who read and even bestow comments on this blog.

Three Things I Don't Want for Christmas

1) Chocolate. I've already eaten way too much

2) A Playstation 3

3) Another troll

I'm going to break the rules and tag just one: Kris, in honor of her new blog.