01 January, 2007


I played some card games over at Yahoo! Games yesterday. I don't do it very often anymore--it seems the number of crazies and people with anger management issues is increasing over there. But the one I met yesterday takes the cake...

I encountered her (we'll call her A1) in a round of Hearts in which she spent a lot of time insulting me and responding to me as if she wasn't completely integrated into the same plane of reality as the rest of us. Nor insane, but very odd--lots of jumping to conclusions that I didn't to try to argue her out of. Mostly I just laughed because it was so "out in left field."

After it was over, I went to the public chat section to pick up another game. I know I shouldn't have responded, but her calling me crazy in the forum was amusing and I wanted to see what she'd say next. Then it just got a bit creepy [I don't use "FbL" as my game handle]:

A1: FbL=crazy person...beware
FbL: [wondering where in the world that came from] LMAO
Random Person: how is that funny?
A1: Must be off the meds... she can't do anything but laugh, apparently.
FbL: I've been laughing at A1.
A1: Certainly doesn't know how to play cards... just look at the sad rating [ranking].
FbL: I mistakenly thought a different card had been led and asked why A1 played certain card. It ended up with a lecture from A1 about thinking first. *rolling eyes* So that's why I'm laughing, Random Person.
A1: Delusional, too. They make meds for that... would you like me to get you some? Or suicide works. I can supply you a knife, too. Or a rope.
FbL: Sounds like a good idea, A1. I mean, if I can't have a high rating on cards, what's my life worth? That's how I define my value. *rolling eyes*
A1: I can tell.
FbL: You're hilarious, A1.
A1: So next time you should think before you try to give bad advice twice in one game. With maturity the think first speak later will come.
FbL: Advice? [beginning to have trouble following her]
vA1: Bad memory and delusions? Wow big problems
FbL: [beginning to be creeped out] Okay, I'm done talking to Loony Tunes. You're welcome to stay here and badmouth me. I mean, I care SO MUCH about what a perfect stranger thinks of me. Though you ARE amusing. Ta-ta.

At that point, I found a game to join. When I went back for another new game, I saw she'd continued posting in the main forum:

A1: early onsent alzheimers?
A1: apparently you do [care what strangers think] or you wouldn't respond
A1: feeling guilty? [I have not a clue what she thought I should feel guilty for]
A1: Learn to argue with someone down at your level next time... you will lose every time you try to speak with someone smarter than you...this is the case in point...run away and cry now.

*cue Twilight Zone music*


Ya know, there are some weird people out there in Internet Land. I mean, besides me... ;)