27 December, 2006

"Sergeant X" Replies

Two weeks ago Sergeant X's request for a Valour-IT laptop brought him once again across my path. I wrote to him, doubting he'd remember me, but telling him how Valour-IT had started and that I was glad to be able to help him again. He replied today [SSG B handled Any Soldier packages from me for SGT X's unit after X was wounded]:

Hello and Merry Christmas.

Of course I remember you, how could I forget? I really am extremely happy to hear from you. It really is a small world.

Thank you again for what you are doing for all of the wounded. It does so much for us to know how much you guys really care and pay attention to what we have endured. Although, I will still tell you my injuries are not major and will tell anyone that, simply because I am still very capable of doing my job. I have all of my arms and legs and eyes for that matter, and the heart to continue on. The Doctors think I've done my part and since I want to stay in must change jobs... They have won, so far... lol!

Sorry to ramble on. It is really good to hear from you and I have been telling everyone the story of how we met and how we have come across one another again...and they are amazed. [SSG B] was like, "No way. That's God's work, no doubt!!" And I can't agree more. God works in mysterious and beautiful ways, doesn't he?

Well, you take care, and hopefully this email finds you in good spirit. I wish you and your family all the peace and happiness out there b/c you are truly wonderful. God Bless you, [FbL], and thank you for all you have done for me and continue to do for the Warriors of OUR GREAT NATION!!!

What a beautiful email! I was already having a great day, for a number of small reasons, but that just topped it off.

But note in particular his attitude, as highlighted in the bolded section. Chuck himself will tell you that there are certainly dark times during a warrior's recovery, but that "can do" positive attitude is very, very prevalent among the wounded. Obviously, SGT X has it in spades. The enthusiasm of that email sounds very similar to his communications before he was wounded, and I'm just thrilled that regardless of what he has endured in between, his spirit has obviously survived.

I still haven't stopped smiling...