13 December, 2006

A Work in Progress

I'm still working on updating to Beta Blogger, but things are starting to smooth out. If you use Internet Explorer and see anything new that looks weird or doesn't work, please let me know in comments or email.

Thanks again to Logical Philosopher, I found a lot of cool additions for Blogger templates at Hackosphere. I now have "extended entry" capability [at the moment, it doesn't work in this template] and "peek-a-boo" for all the entries in archives or categories (see here). There's a lot more at Hackosphere for both Beta and "regular" Blogger, so I'll probably be adding more features in the future.

However, I still can't make comments and trackback show up in individual posts, just in the main page. I sent an email to LP; hopefully he'll help me out. Also, I'm still having trouble with formatting in some posts. It seems to be connected to the use of the "p" and "blockquote" HTML commands. I can't figure it out completely, but over time I'm going to be going through old posts to try and straighten out what I can.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the new featues. Let me know what you think!