28 January, 2007

The Call of the Sea

If you're a regular here and haven't discovered Lex yet, I'm sorry I have not convinced you to visit thus far. But here's another chance for you... The U.S.S. Ronald Reagan's impending deployment stirred his talented muse (and inspired some beautiful comments, too):

But the same “boundedness” that a life at sea entails and which so sharply constrains the sailor’s freedom of movement can also embrace him in its clarity of vision. In both the literal and metaphorical senses it is true that you can see further at sea than you can ashore. The details of life spring out more vividly once free of men and their cities, machines, dirt and pollution.

...On the tip of the bow as the ship gains way, her prow brusquely shouldering aside the waves, a man will be standing alone with his thoughts as he stares into a suddenly revealed horizon. The sea breeze will be in his face, the wind will flap at his trousers and tussle his hair as he contemplates the enormity of God’s creation in that endlessly retreating line. This will also give him the time to reflect upon the infinitely small piece of that creation which he himself represents - a useful exercise in humility.

It's all good. Check it out, and get a glimpse of the call of the sea.