09 January, 2007

Irony Defined

My fortune cookie from supper: "Soon you will be getting the recognition you deserve."

My day that led to it: Spent the morning completing a physical for the job I've been offered involving children. The parochial, misogynistic SOB of a doctor implied I was a potential threat to children and said he'd have to consult with the medical director about whether or not I should be employed in that capacity (amazingly, he found my taking polite but passionate offense to his insult further proof of the legitimacy of his concern).

Extra layer of irony: I've been working with children for literally 20 years (including extremely challenging and troubled children) without ever laying a malicious or harmful hand on a child, and I have often been grateful for the fact I have never had to test my self-possession by standing face to face with anyone I knew who did.

Update: Ya know, being told you're not "the right person" for a job over and over is hard enough on the spirit, but having your character and integrity questioned for no legitimate reason in the interview process by someone who has the power to tank you with a stroke of his pen...