20 January, 2007

Kitchen Stuff

I have wanted one of these since I was a preteen. And now I have one! It's a hand-me-down, but I don't care.

To all of you out there who can afford the $200 for the cheapest model: buy it. It's the bestest kitchen thing ever. Well, that and a set of tolerable knives.

I mention the knives because last weekend we went and pulled a few of my small things out of storage. All the knives were wrapped in paper, so I just grabbed the whole bunch and figured I'd pull out one or two that were better than my mother's. I pulled out the first one and started to chop some veggies with it... heavenly! Result? My knives are now in the drawer and her's are in storage.

I've been reminded once again that the right (quality) tools make cooking an absolute joy.


P.S. Tip for the non-cooking, gift-giving husbands out there: a KitchenAid Stand Mixer is the singular kitchen equivalent of the fur coat gift.