24 January, 2007

US, Iraqi Troops Clash in Baghdad

Read that post title again. That was the Associated Press (AP) headline on a story this afternoon. I saw it on my Yahoo News feed and did a double take.

Of course that headline doesn't describe the story (and if it did, the news channels would be running constant special reports:

U.S. and Iraqi troops battled Sunni insurgents hiding in high-rise buildings on Haifa Street in the heart of Baghdad Wednesday, with snipers on roofs taking aim at gunmen in open windows as Apache attack helicopters hovered overhead.

Hot Air was apparently all over this earlier today. They point out that the article was written--and the headline likely approved--by AP's Baghdad Bureau chief news editor in Baghdad, but they are not correct when they say that the AP has changed the headline. Here is the screen shot as of 8:37 Pacific: