17 February, 2007

Link Dump

There's a lot of good stuff out there that I don't have time to present properly, but wanted to share...

New(ish) naval aviator blog: Southern Air Pirate's Haze Gray Thoughts

Doorkeeper, commenting at Lex's, had a great Valentine's Day story:

13 years ago, I took the older two kids (3 and 1) to the babysitter, made a nice steak dinner with dessert and all…met him at the door in my black miniskirt and frilly white blouse…..he got me nothing for VDay, at least that’s what we thought…
two weeks later, I was sick every morning… and he’s BOUGHT a gift ever since!!!

President's thoughts on media coverage of Iraq? He punted.

Keith Olbermann hits the bigtime.

Murtha's "slow bleed" plan is not only immoral, it's probably unconstitutional, too.

Great video

And finally, some excellent blogs I hope you're reading: Calm Before the Sand, Acute Politics, The Middle Ground.