24 February, 2007

Milbloggie Friends

There are a number of excellent blogs competing for a 2007 Milbloggie. I encourage you to check the nominees in all the categories, but I thought I'd highlight some of my favorites:

It's not surprising that most of these are among the top-three vote-getters in their category...

Army: No mistake that these three are the leaders in their category
Acute Politics: "New" guy who reminds many people of the greatest of the deployed milbloggers.
From My Position: Rants and stories from a wounded soldier who will always be a tanker at heart.
Badgers Forward: Milblogger serving with Acute Politics, whose writing is nearly his equal.

Air Force:
Mudville Gazette: You can't call yourself a milblog reader if Papa Greyhawk isn't bookmarked in your browser.

Navy: Every entrant in this category is excellent, but Neptunus Lex is in a class of his own. Whether sea stories, political/social/military analysis or lighter fare, Lex's masterful writing and delicious wit is unbeatable. Yeah, I'm biased. :)

Marine Corps:
One Marine's View: Marine-related news, along with Major Pain's unique style and stories. He's stateside now, but he hasn't forgotten his wounded/deployed brothers.
Sand Gram: Amazing and hilarious stories from a reserve Marine and commercial pilot.

Military Veteran: Blackfive and Michael Yon should be on your regular reads.

Soldiers' Angels Germany: Superb, informative blog covering our military at work and the efforts of Soldiers' Angels in Germany that probably more rightly belongs in the Military Support category.
Iraq War Today: Supporting the troops and highlighting stories about the military in action that don't make the headlines.
Semper Gratus: Troop Support from the activist perspective.

Military Spouse:
Andi's World: Politics, military life and troop support activities from the force behind the Milblog Conferences.
Army Wife Toddler Mom: Where spouse blogs and mommy blogs intersect with humor and whimsical writing.
SpouseBUZZ: The place for military spouses and those who care about them.

Military Parent: The only one I read in this category is Some Soldiers' Mom, but she's certainly deserving of a win.

Military Support: That's my category and there are some great blogs here. Check 'em out!