17 February, 2007

The Milbloggies are Here!

Well, I finally went and did it... joined the big leagues. Yesterday I signed this blog up at Milblogging.com. I admit it: I'm hoping for a Milbloggies nomination. I'm in a small category, so I think I have a chance.

I have long blogged for very personal reasons and said I don't do it to compete with anyone for number of "hits" or level of attention from the bigwigs. And that's absolutely true. But of course I enjoy it when I happen to get it (got a lot, recently!), and I thought it might be fun to see how far I can go with the Milbloggies.

Please click here to nominate me for "Best Military Support Blog" (you can nominate as many blogs in this category as you want). The more nominations I get, the better my chances of getting into the Finals.

But hurry! I got a late start and nominations are only open until February 22!