28 February, 2007

Walter Reed Follow-up

I don't have time to write myself, but have been reading some excellent, thought-provoking posts by people with knowledge and experience on the subject of the aftermath of the WaPo stories.

TC Override (Chuck):

Wow. Use the chain-of-command to help you fix problems. Novel Idea! I'm glad no one ever thought of THAT before. I think the reson for so much despair, and all the trouble at WRAMC is because these stupid cripples were too dumb to just ask their chain of command for help. [/sarcasm] I believe the chain - of - fellow - wounded - placed - in - the - chain - of - command was a big problem before. Is that getting fixed?

The Armorer:

Appropriate action may have been taken - and if it was, well, someone ought to report it. I don't have to have the name - I just want to know that officer careers imploded as thoroughly (actually moreso) as the NCO careers did. From where I sit, as a commissioned officer of the United States Army, currently without assignment, there is a disturbing lack of commissioned scalps hanging from the pike at the gate.

And if that is in fact true - it is a failure of leadership at the higher levels at WRAMC. REMFs, indeed.

Read the comments at the links above for more excellent discussion (also here--a repost).