19 February, 2007

Welcome Home

As I've mentioned, Chuck Ziegenfuss was scheduled for his 34th surgery last week. All went well at the hospital, but he came home to a driveway full of snow. And not surprisingly to those who know him, he insisted on trying to clear it despite his condition...

After spending an hour trying to operate a snow shovel with one hand (and not being able to bend/lift, because of the graft donor site on my right-side tummy) and watching car after car drive by, with people actually gawking and waving, (our house is on a busy street, and probably 100 or so cars went by in that hour) but no one stopping to so much as ask if we needed help, I was pretty down on the population of Indiana, PA, and mankind in general.

Then someone got my truck stuck in the driveway. Out-damned-standing.

While trying to keep my cool, and trying to un-stuck the truck, and trying (somewhat unsuccessfully) to keep the Mrs. from taking a swing at me...

Go see what happened next. Personally, I'd have been cheering Carren on. Men! ;)

Update: Carren's version of the story.