18 March, 2007

Link Dump

Some things I wanted to write about, but never had the chance...

Raven writes about her experiences as a nurse with Marines recovering from severe Traumatic Brain Injuries. She makes the case for privatization over military hospitals when treating these injuries. I am reminded of a military wife I know who refused to put her brain-damaged husband in a military treatment facility and nursed him at home, resulting in tremendous levels of recovery for someone with his severity of wounds.

Raven also has the story of the University of Illinois not only reneging on promised military scholarships, but insulting the Marines in the process.

Thought-provoking writings on men in the modern world: Manly Men, Girly Men and Peter Pan and Marines, Peter Pans, and Metrosexuals . I think those categories are too narrow, but it makes for interesting discussion abut various male "types" in Western society and how/why they exist.

Kat wrote a beautiful piece about troop support in the middle of the congressional "non-binding resolution" stupidity that is sadly still applicable today: Let Us Rededicate Ourselves.

I'll add to this list if I see more today...