08 March, 2007

Well, I'm Prepared

[UPDATE: Photo below]

I wrote a bit on the USO event last night, but neglected to mention why I was there. It was the yearly volunteer recognition ceremony. I put in 200 hours last year in just five months (60 in one month alone), but have had to cut back significantly since December. It was great to see everyone, and I was reminded how much I have enjoyed volunteering at the airport USO.

I mention it again because we received more than just "recognition" last night... We got ourselves some loot!

The point being: Milbloggers better come prepared, 'cause I am armed and dangerous, heehee! I already had a Solders' Angels coin from Patti, and now I have a USO one, too. ;)

Seriously, it's a beautifully-detailed, enameled coin that is unique to my local USO organization and I am honored to possess it. My photographic efforts have failed thus far, but I'll try again when I have some daylight. Or maybe you'll just have to wait a couple months...

UPDATE: This is the best I could do, photo-wise. The other side of the coin has the USO logo and our city on it. "Until Every One Comes Home" is the USO motto. I'll have to check, but I believe the two red and blue filled stars along the bottom stand for two hundred hours of service [click to enlarge].