29 March, 2007

Unusually Bright Two-year-old: An update

Some of you may remember the Unusually Bright Two-year-old about whom I wrote a few weeks ago, and you'll be happy to know that he's bonded with us in childcare. For the last two weeks he's done very, very well: no more inconsolable crying jags and no noticeable anxiety.

His grandmother is visiting this week, and that's where the Small World comes in.

His mother is a dear, sweet and charming woman. Unfortunately, she is now suffering from a health problem serious enough to allow her deployed husband to return for emergency leave (a process only just beginning now). So, her mother-in-law has been at her side, and brought the two-year-old to daycare today so she could accompany her daughter-in-law to the doctor (resulting in hospitalization).

I had been unaware of severity of the health issue, but when his exhausted and worried grandmother mentioned it as we sat in the childcare center, I instantly told her I had contacts that could "move mountains" for that family if necessary, and we exchanged names and contact info. Her name was vaguely familiar, but not unique, so I didn't think much of it.... until we started to talk.

Turns out that she's pretty active in troop support organizations herself. And when Valour-IT needed a contact that could get us into a military hospital where Soldiers' Angels didn't have a strong presence last year, she helped us. Turns out, we've emailed and spoken on the phone several times! And we just happened to finally meet as we sat there in the childcare center... Wow.

As to the needs of the family, I will be looking into it and seeing how they can best be helped. For their privacy, I don't want to give any more identifying info, but suffice it to say that this is a very special family (all three generations), the epitome of the best of our service members. Stay tuned...

And those of you who are so inclined, please pray for a military family facing a big challenge. And particularly remember the Very Bright Two-year-old who just recently found his footing. He's too smart to be oblivious, but isn't going to understand this problem, either.