10 March, 2007

A Testament to the Power of Engagement

Over at The Flight Deck, Canadian Michelle has a beautiful essay about how her engagement with a milblog to the political right of her own values (Neptunus Lex, in this case) changed how she viewed both American warfighters and their Canadian counterparts:

But here’s where something different happened. Although I always would have been/was sympathetic and supportive to the individual soldiers involved, that was because I viewed tham as just people “doing their jobs”. Now, I see it differently. We (you and I and everyone else) are just people doing our jobs. They (all the soldiers from wherever in both Iraq and Afghanistan) are amazing people doing an an amazing, extraordinary job.

There's much more there that's thought-provoking, inspiring (to milbloggers) and challenging to all of us. It's a must-read, a testimony to the power of the milblogs and to a woman who stepped up to look "the other" in the face. She recommends we do so, too...