08 April, 2007

Container Gardening

Continuing the non-mil theme, which seems to be all I can bring myself to blog about these days...

I'm a country girl at heart, and that means I'm the gardening type. The last few years that's meant container gardening. This summer I'm not going to do much, but last week I set out five herbs and a cherry tomato plant. I always do at least herbs and tomatoes because what you get at even a farmer's market can't match what comes fresh off your porch with these plants, and great fresh herbs can make all the difference in most dishes.

From left to right that's basil, sage, rosemary, thyme and cilantro (click to enlarge). Cilantro needs cool temperatures to keep from going straight to seed. Strangely, that hasn't been a problem in SoCal this month. The basil is starting to suffer from lack of sun, though (as am I).

Here's the tomato plant. He's already grown about two inches and seems very happy in his new home, even with the lack of sun:

Again, click to enlarge. It's a nice picture with quite a bit of beautiful detail.