31 May, 2007


I'm so sorry for the blogging of intermittant quality and frequency lately. I realized how bad it's been when I saw the opening on the Watcher's Council and thought it might be fun, but after looking at what it entailed, I realized I haven't written anything of an intellectual quality that would be worth a nomination in at least the last four weeks. Figured committing myself to nominating a post a week would be rather presumptuous in that case...

Anyway, next week should be much better, and I hope to catch up on things I've started such as:

  1. The rest of WR and the 1000th laptop
  2. My thoughts on SpouseBuzz Live
  3. Final post(s) on the MilBlog Conference
  4. Privacy and blogging
  5. More military-related posts and fewer "pedestrian personal blog" types of posts like the one below

Thanks for putting up with me these last couple months. Someone I respect commented to me in early March that she thought I had recently hit my "stride" as a blogger (in terms of the quality of my output and the level of attention/linkage I was getting). Well, so much for that... ;)