20 May, 2007

Day in the Life of FbL

Continuing my generous habit of providing friends and readers with the opportunity to laugh at my expense...

Yesterday afternoon after getting a snack of raspberry sorbet, I found myself placing the half-full container in the fridge instead of the freezer. That's nothing new for me, so after quickly remedying the situation, I commented to my mother that no one would ever recognize it if I developed dementia: "Ice cream in the refrigerator and crackers in the freezer? How would that be unusual?"

Fast-forward a few hours. I'm talking on the phone to a friend (married to an MP) about my gate-running adventure this week. My mother walks up and wordlessly holds up a block of cheddar cheese that I had been using that morning. When she finally gets my attention she simply says, "In the cupboard."

Is anybody actually surprised I ran that gate?