06 June, 2007

Army Wife Stumps GEN Pace*

[8 June, 2007: Welcome, WSJ Readers. This post refers to the experience of a friend of mine who met GEN Pace at the recent "townhall" forum in Hawaii.]

Yeah, you read that title right. Homefront Six stumped General Peter Pace, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. I'm proud of you, HFS!

UPDATE: *Just to clarify, "Stumping the general" is meant to be half tongue-in-cheek, as far as I am concerned; I'm attempting to celebrate that HFS has asked a superb question that (hopefully) helps raise an important issue at the highest levels, and that she'd conducted herself with such poise/aplomb overall (I know GEN Pace doesn't control the Army's budget, but it my theory is that it can't hurt to increase his awareness).

And I celebrate her drawing attention to Soldiers' Angels (and thus Valour-IT) because SA has at times been blocked from offering assistance (such as at most VA hospitals, until very recently). So, increasing SA's visibility increases its opportunities to "support the troops."