19 June, 2007

The Surge in Action

Blackfive's post reminded me of what has been sitting in the back of my brain while the front was preoccupied with the impending interview:

Many of you know that General Petraeus has announced the beginnings of combat operations in Iraq now that the surge forces are in place.

"Kinetic" doesn't do justice to the description of what is now happening.

On Sunday, a friend of mine brought the chaplain to his area to speak to his men. There's only one reason to "bring in" the chaplain. The @#$% is about to hit the @#$%ing fan and the leaders know it.

It's always time to pray for, send positive thoughts to, and actively support the troops. But now, more than ever.

As Blackfive reminds us, the work of various military support organizations is going to be needed in coming months. I suspect we'll be fielding a surge of requests for Valour-IT laptops in a couple of weeks...

Soldiers' Angels
Sew Much Comfort
Semper Fi Injured Marine Fund
Operation Gratitude
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