21 June, 2007

We, Not You and Me

Neptunus Lex has recently been graced by a new visitor who thinks he's smarter than he really is, who spends a lot of time talking about "the Republican Party's war in Iraq" and viewing everything about it through the lens of partisan politics. After going several rounds with "gil" (along with the assistance of other commenters), Lex ends with a reminder to those on all "sides" of this:

We’re going to keep talking past each other gil....because we have two fundamentally opposed world views. For some incomprehensible reason, you seem to believe that the Republican Party is at war, despite the fact that it was entered into by our democratically elected government, including many members of what you think of as “your side.”

I on the other hand think the country is at war. I didn’t swear an oath of allegiance to any party - I swore to support and defend the Constitution, a document whose processes were used to put our soldiers in harm’s way and which sustains them to this day.

Your language all throughout this discussion is putting party and ideology above country and I frankly think that’s reprehensible...

You keep saying “my side” - I don’t have a side. I have a country. And I don’t really care which party governs that country all that much, so long as they don’t get to office by promising deeply silly people that the best thing for the country to do is lose a war.

I didn't swear the oath Lex did, but I second the underlying sentiments. Thanks to Lex for articulating it so well.

Btw, the post itself and the ensuing discussion in comments are abundant in both entertainment and educational value.