19 July, 2007

Dear Senator Reid

An open letter from a friend of mine, a Marine Corps wife and mom:

Dear Senator Reid,

I just wanted to write and tell you how "cute" it was that you sent care packages with yellow ribbons to Republican senators. It's so cute, in fact, that I think you should do it again. For the troops this time. Consider it, Senator, actual support for the troops bacause of course you do support the troops, right?

As a Marine wife and Marine mom, I "feel" your support every time you declare the war lost. I "feel" your support as I watch you attempt to gain Senate seats by hosting these slumber parties and candlelight vigils. I know you can't help it that in order for the Democrats to win, you must root for us to lose. It's really just that important for Democrats to win as many seats and political offices as possible.

I'm sure we'll all be okay after we leave Iraq and the Iraqis will discover how to sing kumbaya and get along. Al Qaeda is really over rated as a terror threat anyway. I know they have said that they will kill us wherever they can but they don't mean it. I mean, aren't they running for some political office and just will say anything to get elected? They couldn't really mean it, could they? We could ask the folks who were in the Towers, the Pentagon or flight 93 on September 11th.

Oh wait....you can't. They are either dead or you really don't want to know what they think. The meanypants!!!

Hmm....you could ask Daniel Pearl but gosh darnit, he's dead too.

I suppose you could ask some families in Baqubah what they think of al Qaeda but I would guess they won't want another of their children baked in an oven and served to them for lunch.

Gosh..it all seems so simple when you talk about it on the tv.

And yes, she did send it to him.