24 July, 2007

Scott Thomas and Semiotics

The "Scott Thomas" brouhaha has been thoroughly analyzed (and largely debunked) from the military/conservative point of view, via veterans' BS detectors. But how about the Liberal, Manuscript Reader, "Doctorer"-of-Books, and Semiotician points of view?

Author John Barnes looks at the world from all four of these perspectives. He analyzes Thomas' writings with a rather unique skill set and comes to the same conclusion that the milbloggers have: "Scott Thomas" is a self-aggrandizing poseur.

I see manuscripts with all nine of these symptoms – you might think of it as one syndrome with nine common symptoms – about a half dozen times per year, generally from agents rather than as offers to book-doctor them since the creators usually have no money and the books have only limited commercial potential. And they all come from pretty much the same sort of person:

What sort of person? Read the fascinating (unexpected?) answer at Barnes' blog.

[H/T to commenter "Splunge" at Hot Air]