28 July, 2007

Weekend Comedy

Deborah Solomon of The New York Times Magazine interviews John McCain for her weekly Q&A column. This one is entitled "Race to the Finish," and includes such gems as the following hard-hitting line of inquiry:

As a retired Navy captain, are you decisive in everyday matters, like choosing what to have for dinner? I usually ask Cindy what’s for dinner and then comply with her.

What if you’re buying a shirt? Can you make a decision without deliberating in a department store? I rely on Cindy. She has good taste. I admit freely that I do not.

You don’t have taste? In clothes, no. I think it’s got to do with my military background.

Why? Uniforms are very handsome. Yeah, but you don’t have much of a choice.

There's more. Much more, sadly. I honestly don't know how he sat through that interview without rolling his eyes and pointing out what a twit she is.

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UPDATE: Deborah Solomon Interviews Deborah Solomon.