15 September, 2007

Have You Ever Heard a More Moronic Chant?

Or maybe the proper term is "oxymoronic..."

At the "anti-war" protest yesterday, people chanted (see video), "Iraq for Iraqis! Troops out now!"

Let's dissect that:

The first sentence obviously comes from a perspective that American troops are oppressing the Iraqis and/or stealing their land (oil). Just to be nice, I'll not argue with that sentiment; Iraq should be for Iraqis, and the sooner Iraqis can take and keep it for themselves, the better.

Now let's look at the "Troops out now!" part. If the troops leave now, a couple of things are very, very likely to happen: 1) Iraq is no longer for at least 30% of Iraqis (Sunnis), who will at best be run out of the country. 2) Iraq is no longer for Iraqis at all, as it will be run by Iran and/or al Qaeda, with Turkey rushing in to stabilize the Kurdish areas "just in case."

Nice little dichotomy of a chant you guys got going there. Being the enlightened and educated folks you are, I'm sure that was intentional...