03 September, 2007

Katie Gets a Clue

I smacked Katie Couric around a bit yesterday, but I have to say that her latest post is encouraging.

Yes, she again puts her biases and erroneous assumptions front and center--especially in the first half of the new post--and there are several lines in it that I could snark (for example, she seems to think that Iraqi children no longer generally swarm around American soldiers). But, it seems that after spending the day with GEN Petraeus, she's come to realizations the rest of us who don't listen to people like her have understood for quite awhile [italicization below is added]:

It’s the average person we don’t often hear from in the coverage of the war. They have expressed to me their desire for peace, security and basic services. If the U.S. can facilitate those seemingly basic but elusive things here, maybe all is not lost. [snip]

However, none of this can be oversimplified by any one group or outside observer. It is all so complicated, with many moving parts. I also feel that domestically, Americans may have become so conditioned, possibly some even invested, in the notion of complete failure here in Iraq that they almost don't want to hear about any progress. [snip]

The opinions and reporting differ greatly making it extremely difficult for many people to measure the road ahead. However, I feel positive news should be treated two ways: it should not be overlooked nor should it be overblown for political gain on either side. Sometimes, it should just be heard.

Color me stunned.