30 September, 2007

Cox and Forkum

Valour-IT was just getting off the ground John approached Cox and Forkum for assistance in spreading the word. Forkum stepped up with some anonymous design work that was spot-on perfect; as is true with his wonderful drawings, pictures said more than words ever could.

A couple months later, John again asked them for assistance. And so one day in the midst of our first Veterans Day fundraiser (2005), I opened my email to find this:

The tears were instant. No words that any of us had found to explain Valour-IT and why it mattered had come close to what was encapsulated in that amazing frame. C&F went on to give us the rights to reproduce it in any form, and auctioned the original pen-and-ink drawing for a $650 donation to Valour-IT. For the following year's fundraiser auction, they offered up a bidder-commissioned caricature.

Cox and Forkum were a huge part of getting Valour-IT off the ground, giving it an online presence that has endured; just search Google Images for "Valour-IT" and see what you get...

Why do I mention this? Because C&F are dissolving their partnership as of today. It is most certainly our loss, but I wish them the best. Not only did they entertain and educate me with their witty and insightful political cartoons, they forever captured my heart.

Thank you, guys. You are irreplaceable.