28 October, 2007

MEGEN and the Recruiters

MEGEN recently attended a local airshow and dropped by the recruiters' tents, where she hoped to enlist more people for this year's Valour-IT fundraising competition. Here is what she found...

At the Air Force recruiting area:

At the Army recruiting area:

The recruiter on the right was very interested in the fundraiser and said he'd be telling all his fellow Army recruiters.

Over in the Marine Corps area:

The Marine manning the booth as he waited for his brothers to arrive insisted on getting his hands on MEGEN. I think he's planning on winning this year.

But in the Navy area, it all became clear:

There was more than could fit in a single picture--they even had a band! One couldn't help but be reminded that Team Navy was by far the first to the finish line in last year's competition...

Uh-oh. Better batten down the hatches, Navy... they'll really be gunning for you now.

[Okay, I'll fess up. The Army actually had a gigantic interactive facility set up at the other end of the aircraft display area in addition to their modest table. And of the pics above, Navy was the only one taken after the show opened. Still, Navy certainly outshone the other services that weekend.]