30 November, 2007

Aviation and Anticipation

Local skies have been quite noisy, lately, which has made focusing on work a more difficult task... I mean, hard to do your job when you find your eyes drawn skyward every few minutes.

For awhile lately, we've enjoyed watching near-continuous touch-and-goes, with a solid handful of planes in the air at any given time. Then, "wave offs" seemed to be the word of the day, with operations apparently wrapping up at nightfall.

But last night as I turned toward the flightline on my way off base, I was treated to a wave of this:

Actually, that video doesn't do the earth-shaking roars and ripping climbs any justice. I've never had such a hard time pointing my car in the right direction! It was after 1800... you'd think home and supper would be calling... Nah. I seriously debated parking in a "public" lot and seeing how close I could get to the flightline on foot. But the desire to avoid a mouthful of dirt when I was inevitably discovered lurking in the dark along the fence--pink T-shirt not withstanding--deterred me. I found the strength to take the proper turn and managed to avoid an accident while merging into the freeway.

I suspect I know what coming days will bring for those planes... Don't know yet what those days will bring for me, though...

Okay, I admit it: there's something to be said for anticipation... if it doesn't kill me first. :D I was once only mildly interested in aviation, but sadly, no longer. I don't know what the proper punishment should be, but somebody bears a great deal of responsibility for the monster he has created. :P