05 November, 2007

More of the People You Can Help

Last spring when Pundit Review attended the Milblogger Conference, they interviewed a number of wounded military personnel.

Pundit Review reports they went in feeling sorry for the wounded, and left "feeling sorry for feeling sorry." That's a great way to describe it... Everybody has individual motivations, but I dare say that having worked with the wounded, it isn't pity that motivates Valour-IT; It's honor and gratitude--through the benefits of Valour-IT, you can give proud fighters the extra boost they need to overcome the new life they face as severely-wounded service members.

Here are examples of the kinds of people you could be helping with a donation to Valour-IT...

[I'm tracking down the details, but I believe that all three of the interviewees on that page benefited from Valour-IT.]