17 November, 2007

Riding a Tiger

I write with a bit of bewilderment this morning... Much to my amazement, I seem to have won another blogging award. Not for Fuzzilicious Thinking, but for the Valour-IT Project Blog.

The "Best of the Blogs" award was created by the German news agency Deutsche Welle, and both finalists and winners were determined by a panel of bloggers, journalists and media experts. The Valour-IT blog won in the category of "Best Blog - English" because it is an "innovative" use of the medium.

To say I am surprised would be an understatement. I had no idea we were being innovative when we created the project blog in 2005. We simply saw it as a solution to our need for a flexible Internet presence for Valour-IT that would help us interact better with the bloggers who form the core of our support.

Two and a half years ago as Valour-IT started to take off, I felt like I was riding a tiger. I still do.

Just amazing.

P.S. I was particularly moved by the realization that an international panel conducted the judging. During our most recent fundraiser, it was clear that there are Americans who cannot help but see assisting wounded American soldiers as a partisan political act. And yet, during a time when anti-Americanism is rampant (especially when it comes to the military), a collection of people from around the world set aside political considerations and looked at Valour-IT as the apolitical, humanitarian effort that it is. It appears that sanity still has a toe-hold in this world...

P.P.S. Anybody have any suggestions for what to do with an Arkos 405 Media Player? Auction it off as a fundraiser, maybe?