09 December, 2007

As if we didn't know...

The military has now officially confirmed what the milbloggers have been saying for years: certain "journalists" (local stringers) in Iraq were/are terrorists or terrorist sympathizers creating propaganda and conducting PSYOP for the terrorists. We knew this from personal reports by warfighters who have been conducting operations, and from investigative work into interesting "coincidences" among certain stringers' reporting.

Uncle J has the details at Pajamas Media. I left the following comment at PM, in response to his article:

And people with military connections who were getting first-hand reports or putting 2 and 2 together were called fascists for saying certain journalists/organizations were either dupes of terrorists of cooperating with terrorists...

I can't laugh at this [reference to previous commenter]. I keep thinking of the non-stringer AP reporters working with the stringers, and the management/editors overseeing it all... I'm only feeling rage for the American lives they ended by their actions, as surely as if they'd pulled the trigger or pushed the button themselves. Slime. Scum of the earth. Despicable, evil human beings.

Yeah, that about covers it.