23 January, 2008

Meet "LT G"

If you've been reading Blackfive (as you should), you've already met scout platoon leader "LT G" of Kaboom: A Soldiers' War Journal. If not, here's another chance:

...Man-sweat and body heat saturated the room, despite the front doors and all the windows in the immediate area being wide open. I decided no air was worth fighting through this scene, and I began to plan the details of my great escape to the Internet room. My slight hesitation proved costly, as Sheik Abu Franco - the leader of the most undisciplined and disorganized and corrupt local citizenry group in our AO – slithered in next to me, having already gathered up an interpreter. Like a ‘roidhound baseball player testifying before Congress, I was stuck.

The last two paragraphs are the best part.

If tales of outside the wire are more to your interest, try this post. He hasn't been blogging long, but he's already on my sidebar--If you start at the begining and spend some time catching up on him, I promise you won't regret it.