08 February, 2008

Calling You Out

The terrorist cell that used two women with Down's Syndrome as unwitting "suicide" bombers has been found and destroyed. Two Navy SEALs gave their lives in the assault against the compound.

A soldier who knew of their sacrifice wrote to his friends and family in the aftermath of the operation:

If you don't support this war I'm calling you out. I've had enough of people sitting in their living rooms watching the lying media and jumping on the bandwagon against this war. Don't ever say to me, "I support the troops, but not the war." You might as well be telling me that I'm committing a crime. You are in effect saying that my cause is unjust and everything I believe in is a lie. I have held my tongue in the past, but I will never allow you to have it both ways again. You cannot support me if you do not support this war. I am this war. It embodies everything that I believe in. If you believe that what we are doing here is wrong then you are in effect supporting the evil we seek destroy. If you believe I'm wrong for trying to stop evil people from taking more innocent lives then I fear there is no hope for you. If you choose to dishonor my service and the sacrifice of my fallen brothers by taking a position against this war..don't expect me to sit idly by and bite my tongue while you do it. Do it in my presence and be prepared to try and support your feeble position while I enlighten everyone else on the reality of this war and the nature of the enemy we face. I will ensure that you look like the fool that you are.

This is the second time in recent days that I'm reminded of what COL McKnight said to me two weeks ago: "Attacks are down, but there is “frankly, an evil still out there...that doesn’t hesitate to kill families, women and children. It's not over, over here." He had said "evil" after hesitating a moment, as if he were considering the impact of using such a "loaded" word in his professional capacity, but then he'd spoken it with intensity.

He's obviously not alone in his sentiments...