26 February, 2008


It's Internet-related work, but I can't publicize it at this time. Suffice it to say that it is meaningful, enjoyable, and makes use of my more creative/intellectual skills. It's also almost 100% flexible in terms of schedule, home-based, helps me develop my skills and knowledge and contacts... and pays about 1.5 times more per hour than my last job.

The icing on the cake: I'll be able to continue to volunteer at the USO, and have the flexibility to do things like my regular bikes rides around the lake and tending the gardens around my house--all of which feed my soul.

I was staring at the financial precipice this weekend. Sunday night, I was offered two jobs.

Life is good today...

UPDATE: Newer friends and readers may not be aware of what these last two years have been like in the professional realm. So, here's the significance of this development in a nutshell: for the first time in 21 months I will be doing work that is appropriate to my skills, education, background and plans for the future (the last job I held was appropriate in none of those areas).