04 February, 2008

The Gripe

LT G has a post in Slate's The Sandbox that should resonate with just about every current and former grunt out there, as well as the good LTs who lead them--a rant of the highest quality:

...I bring to light a sampling of the current gripes of the Gravediggers. Stoicism certainly has its time and its place, and that is usually out of the wire. In the wire, though, venting catapults itself into even the hardiest of hearts in this man’s Army. Let’s just say that if LT G were Lord Protectorate G of the Desert Cavalry of Pure Raw Awesomeness, things would be a little different. Gathered over the course of assorted grievance councils, usually held in the post-mission unwinding that occurs on the combat outpost’s front stoop over some cigarettes and profanity-laced jokes, this is how things should be –- and would be -- in my Army...
You know you're in for a treat when the next line is, "-- I’d be able to be a scout platoon leader for the next 20 years."