31 March, 2008

Patti Gets Noticed Again

From Jeff Bader, Patti's husband:

For founding Soldiers Angels and other exemplary work that she does to make the world a better place, Patti has just been notified that she is the recipient of the VFW 2008 James E. Van Zandt Citizenship Award and they are flying us out around August 20th (the actual date of the ceremony) to give her the award at the VFW 109th National Convention in Orlando Florida.

"The VFW Citizenship Award - Awarded for outstanding service contributing to American citizenship. To recognize significant contribution to the spirit of service and dedication to the nation that inspires us to display better citizenship."

From the VFW web site: James E. "Jimmy" Van Zandt was Commander-in-Chief of the VFW three times, and a veteran of three wars (World War I, World War II, and the Korean War). He served as an enlisted man in World War I and retired as an admiral following the Korean War. Descended from a pioneer family in Blair County, Pennsylvania, Jimmy worked his way from newsboy to United States Congressman. Recipients of the award named in Van Zandt's honor exemplify his dedication to public service, citizenship, and other admirable qualities.

A few of the the others bestowed this honor during the 50 years it's been given out include Ronald Reagan, Lyndon Johnson, Gerald Ford, Hubert Humphrey, John Connally, Sam Rayburn, Jeannie Kirkpatrick, William Bennett, and Barbara Bush.

The 2007 recipient of the VFW Citizenship Award was Hal Koster, who began the weekly dinners for the wounded from Walter Reed at his restaurant (Fran O'Brien's). As Patti has already said repeatedly, this award is for all the Angels of Soldiers' Angels.

More on the award at the SA news page.