22 April, 2008

A "Feminine" Mistake*

Things like this just leave me sad. There is more wrong with her attitude and behavior and conception of marriage in that article than I could catalog in a dozen blog posts. I truly pity her husband. And just think what this example does to her children...

Having never been married, I have no proof of the kind of wife I'd be, but I like to think I know what I wouldn'tbe. For starters, I'm smart enough not to marry someone I'd consider a "fixer-upper" of a man or one whose lifestyle isn't compatible with mine, and so I expect I'd feel no need to become a nagging harpy in order to get what I want/need (not that that's a good tactic, anyway). If he isn't what I need, I wouldn't marry him. If I need something in a relationship that I'm not getting, I discuss it with respect, like a loving adult. Simple, isn't it?

Yet women like her are a stereotype for a reason, and they are an embarrassment to me as a female. More than that, they are an impediment. I can't count the number of men I've met in the last 5 years who automatically assume I have more in common with someone like her than someone who genuinely loves men: I'm female, therefore I'd become a _________ [fill in the blank with any nasty description of a female] if I ever got a ring on my finger... that is, if they haven't automatically assumed I already go through life as a manipulative ball-buster.

Leslie, you give the rest of us a bad name.

*The fact that this woman has authored a book called The Feminine Mistake should surprise no one.