16 April, 2008

Murphy's Law

Apparently cars can read. I'm quite sure of it, actually. Mine saw that post about having a little extra money and promptly broke.

It wouldn't start this evening. Not even a click when I turned the key. Not a beep. Nothing. The battery appears to be dead, but attempts to jump said battery with two different sets of cables were futile--the interior lights wouldn't even come on when it was hooked to the jumping car. It's a 5-year-old Honda that has never given me a moment's trouble. Argghhh!!!!!

I wonder if a post about being bankrupt will throw it off the scent so that I can still get that airplane ride I had in mind...

UPDATE (4/17): It's working! Yes, it was the battery. I had left an interior light on for three days, completely draining the battery. This morning I cleaned/tightened the contacts on both batteries, let the jumper car run for a few minutes while connected before trying to start the dead car and... Voila! Yay!!!