26 April, 2008

Tech Love

One of my jobs involves a lot of work with graphics/pics, which is best accomplished on my HP laptop with the top-notch screen and nice photo-editing software, rather than the ancient CRT on my cheap minimalist desktop setup.

One problem--laptop tends to overheat under the strain of running website administration software, photo-editing software and IM all at the same time... despite having a stand that elevates it off the tabletop. It gets hot enough to make using the touchpad genuinely uncomfortable. Further complication: said laptop pulls air up from below and pushes it out the back, while every reasonably-priced laptop cooler I looked at pulled air down or was made of flimsy plastic that reviewers said sagged into the fans. But then I found this...

It arrived last Thursday, and I think I'm in love. I got a good discount, but it's not as cheap as those run-of-the-mill coolers. Still, the best tech money I've ever spent. The aluminum surface itself was enough to take the edge off the temperature. Turn on the super-quiet fans, and I swear it drops at least another 20 degrees.

No more burnt fingertips!