17 May, 2008

For Sarah

Sarah is the kind of wife a good warfighter dreams of having waiting for him back home--strong, loyal, responsible, flexible, loving and unspeakably proud of her husband and the profession he has chosen... A warrior wife.

Less than a year ago, far later than what they had planned for, she was finally pregnant. She lost the baby at about six weeks, though she didn't know until later.

Just over a week ago, her husband deployed to Iraq. Last weekend, she found out she was pregnant again. It wasn't part of their plan, but they rejoiced across the miles.

The other day, she got some very bad news.

Yesterday, it got worse.

Love, prayers, good thoughts... whatever you've got, please send it out on her behalf. Even strong and independent warrior wives need help at times.

Hang on, Sarah. Hang on.