30 May, 2008

Life with Patti

UPDATE: You may be wondering why the national/international USO hasn't provided us the necessary funds. Not all USO locations are directly connected to the wider organization. Some (including the one I volunteer at) are locally-controlled and locally-dependent, functioning as a kind of "franchise" and receiving no funds from above.

Happily, I received some unexpected money recently and decided I was going to use some of it to get the basic kitchen equipment that's sorely needed at the airport USO where I volunteer. Unfortunately, I made the "mistake" of excitedly mentioning my intentions to Patti (founder of Soldiers' Angels) this morning.

Why was that a mistake? If you know Patti, you know what happened next...

"No, no, no! Let me take care of that. Have them make a wish list and we'll get them what they need. Oh, and where can we set up an account for fresh fruit and pastries for them to buy every day? And we have lots of anti-bacterial supplies and condiment packets and such! Let me call Joan and see what I can do!"

Etcetera, etcetera...

I finally got our actual needs (vs. Patti's suggestions) clarified, and I'm excited about the results.

But so much for my philanthropic plans... Guess I'll have to go and find some other deserving group to spend it on, heehee. Next time, I'm not telling Patti, so I can still have some fun of my own. :P

But in the meantime, I can't wait to tell our Director what we're getting!