15 June, 2008

Take Two

In Googling something today, I stumbled across this from July 2007 (see Comments, in particular). At that time I would've given almost anything for it but didn't have a even a single thought that I would ever have such an opportunity myself, even with B2's suggestion to join the Navy League.

Nobody has called to tell me it was all a mistake, and rather than pulling the rug out from under me, my new boss is sending me on my way bearing gifts for the crew. So, I don't expect it will jinx things to tell you...

In the near future, I will tackle the morning rush hour nightmare for the first time since last December in order to arrive at my friendly local naval station on the appointed hour... to catch a flight out to an aircraft carrier at sea.

Heh. Typing those words does not make them any more believable to me. I'm still in awe. I still have that same funny sense of unreality I felt when I heard a sly "that can be arranged," in response to my lighthearted joke about now needing only to be on a carrier at sea during flight ops in order to die happy. I wouldn't have said that had I believed it was even remotely possible.

So, it's a good thing you all can't see me right now, 'cause I've had this dopey grin on my face for the last week and I suspect it's here for the forseeable future.

Which adds a fun twist to things. Remember this? I wonder what he would think of this dopey expression. Near as I can tell, it wouldn't really take anything out of the ordinary for us to cross paths on my upcoming adventure. Could be interesting... ;)

UPDATE: What Happened