30 July, 2008


Spent the evening at the ballpark. All-in-all a fun time, despite the abysmal performance of the home team.

But there was one particularly charming moment early in the game when the "Smile Cam" roved the stands for happy fans. Children, families, young and old... all joined in the simple joy of finding themselves the momentary center of attention. One attractive, late twenty-something woman started with excitement when she realized she and her beloved were on the big screen. Eyes wide and mouth grinning, she turned to him to point out their great good fortune, in which he instantly endeavored to partake by...

flipping off the entire stadium.

Can somebody please explain something to me? What in the world does behavior like that do for him? Seriously, I don't get it.

Me? I like to think it got him escorted out of the stadium with his girlfriend trailing behind, saying, "I have never been more embarrassed in my life, you stupid lout." Followed soon by her absence from his life.

But while I'm sure the first part of that scenario happened, I somehow doubt the last parts did, since guys like that somehow manage to reproduce.